Mission & Vision

To encourage...

  • a general interest to preserve the purity of one or more of our South African eco-types
  • the use of the Society Identification Guide  which is based on existing core genetics of the various eco-types  for applying visual Screening and Inspections;  with the purpose of preserving the breed characteristics of each eco-type, as well as for preserving the quality and purity of Indigenous Veld Goats in general
  • good and healthy selection of animals within the different eco-types, based on functionality and fertility, according to the accepted description of a Natural Indigenous Veld Goat  -  to eliminate deviations regarding genetic traits and body structure
  • displays and exhibits of the breed at agricultural expos, auctions, and information days,  for educational and marketing purposes, and thus re-instill a pride in this unique heritage
  • members to act as ambassadors of the Society and of the breed; to take individual responsibility to contribute towards a positive and productive culture, and to always act in the best interest of the Indigenous Veld Goat
  • to compile animal records and family trees and to maintain all records of animals that are registered through the Society with SA Studbook

To discourage...

  • breeders or members to interbreed between the different eco-types or to crossbreed with other goat breeds, exept for the purpose of terminal slaughtering.